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Wondering What to Do with Young Children in Adult Spaces?

Children want to play and the adults want the children to be present in the environment. These two ideas might seem to be at odds with each other, but here you have found the answer: MagneticShul!

MagneticShul is an amazing toy designed to engage young children in ritual synagogue life. Each kit consists of the self-contained box and magnets. The box has a handle to help children carry it and when opened children find a backdrop of the sanctuary. Children use the over fifty magnets to tell the story of their synagogue experience and their surroundings.

MagneticShul is designed for children to use as they sit with their parents during services, where play is organic and can also be used in group settings where play is more directed. Grandparents keep MagneticShul on their coffee tables for when the grandkids come by and the children just flock to playing with the characters and props.